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If you are a home owner and are thinking of selling your home, you might wonder what your options are in order to best position your property's full selling potential.  What strategies can you use, and at what cost? --Do I stage my home and declutter? Renovate or update my kitchen? Repaint or landscape? Do I add a secondary suite like a laneway home or infill? What is and isn't allowed in my neighbourhood?  And if it is allowed, have I missed my opportunity?What do I need to know about zoning and OCP? What are developers looking for? Where can I get information to sell to a developer along with my neighbours and sell as land assembly? 

Don't miss out on a newer trend--in land assembly, where neighbours band together to sell their individual parcel of land as one unit.  Developers purchase land assembly site, its future rezoning and redevelopment potential for perhaps more than you would realize if you were to sell your home as a single residential sale.  

My mission has always been to educate, epower and enlighten consumers. I have helped sellers and buyers by way of education through seminars and my published written reference books for Self-Counsel Press Ltd. 

I am an experienced professional who has always provided guidance whenever needed, and placed people first, ahead of profit. I hope you will take the time to attend our seminar, and meet me! 

I am a member in good standing, of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).  

I am also dedicated to the Children's Miracle Network fund and donate a portion of my commission to such a worthy cause. 

Many thanks for visiting my website ~Hope to see you soon!  Please read below for Geraldine Santiago in the news, and go to Youtube for more real estate related information. 

Email me for an update on free seminars on buying and selling at geraldinesantiago9@gmail.com 

   --            G E R A L D I N E   S A N T I A G O 

If you're still not convinced I'm the right Realtor for you- check out these articles, this year alone- 2018



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City TV  September 2018

Want to attend our annual seminar and meet me personaly?  Attend our free home buying seminar In North Vancoouver RE/MAX office on TUESDAY, October 23rd from 6-8pm.  Pre-register through Eventbrite, or TEXT me at (604) 764-6873 Code: Seminar, or through this website under SEMINAR REGISTRATION.

Geraldine Santiago, published author of the "Complete Home Buyer's Guide for Canadians" , "Selling Your Home in Canada" and "Buy and Sell a Recreational Property in Canada" and licensed Realtor, along with industry experts-- Alma Pasic, Glenn Duxbury, and Patricia Wright present at this seminar. 

Topics to be discussed: the importance of each professional and what their roles are, contingency funds and special assessments, building envelopes, how to avoid leaky condo's, legal documents. binding contracts, costs and more! 

Find out about what the market is doing. We'll show you how to read market statistics and learn how to use this information to get the best possible price.  What are sub-areas doing? Each locality is different - North Vancouver to Richmond to New Westminster.  

Knowing how much price are being discounted (or not) in these areas will give you a heads up during the negotiation process.  The market is constantly changing- is it hot or cold? If so, which areas are going to increase next month? Don't miss out on this important information.  

CAN'T ATTEND that day but are still interested in our seminar?  Don't worry!  We offer our seminar on a regular basis at different RE/MAX locations, public libraries and community centres. We will keep you in the loop, just let us know and we will add you to our mailing list. 

SLIDESHOW PRESENTATIONS:  If you really can't attend our seminar, please feel free to go to the SLIDESHOW PRESENTATIONS tab on this website with presentations dating back as far as 2005. It will redirect you to the Slideshare.net portal.  Though some of the slideshow presentations are older, they still are worth having a look through them at your own leisure. 


Once I became a Realtor myself, early in my career, my first clients happened to be first time home buyers. I knew EXACTLY what they were going through.  I had been there myself.  I tried to give my clients all the guidance they needed. I  answered all their questions, explained in detail the options they had, and gave them all the resources they need to make their own inquiries. It was then I decided to help first time home buyers. As a published author, I have been providing home buying seminars at various locations- public libraries and community centres regularly, and have been invited to speak at many real estate events. 

(Please see below testimonials from community programmer and dates of our events.)

Attend a First Time Home Buyer Seminar & Get EMPOWERED!

If you are thinking of buying your very first home, and don't know where to begin, this is the seminar for YOU!  Whether you are thinking of purchasing in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, East Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Tri-cities, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Ladner, or Maple Ridge, join us for an informative evening with industry experts. 

Our home buying seminar specifically focuses on first time home buyers purchasing in Metro Vancouver. Experts discuss important real estate issues such as: first time home buyer's do's and don'ts, property purchase transfer tax exemptions for first time home buyers (and how to qualify), home owner's grants, obtaining the best possible rates, getting a pre-approval, avoiding leaky condos and costly surprises, depreciation reports, contingency funds, deposits and downpayments......and a whole lot more!  

Our primary  goal is to empower,  educate and enlighten first time home buyers by way of facts, statistics and information--and lots of it! We provide tips on saving money, resources and most importantly guide first time home buyers through the entire home buying process from pre-approval to posession day. 

We'll show you how to prepare and plan, save money for your down payment, improve your credit score, pay off your debt and point you in the direction when it's right for you!

Geraldine Santiago is a licensed real estate agent with RE/MAX and has always been active in the community.  As an author of three real estate reference books, "Complete Home Buyer's Guide for Canadians", "Selling Your Home in Canada" "Buy and Sell a Recreational Property in Canada", Self-Counsel Press Ltd. she provides invaluable information on real estate. She has had the priviledge of also hosting home buying and home selling seminars at numerous community centres and public libraries throughout the lower mainland since 2002.  Santiago says, "We hope to make your first home buying experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible and we recommend that you attend our seminar to achieve this!"

Join our 17th annual RE/MAX Greater Vancouver First Time Home Buyer Seminar scheduled for October 23rd 2018 at RE/MAX Crest North Vancouver location, 2609 Westview, #101.  

December 4, 2007

Dear Geraldine,

Thank you for presenting "How to Buy Your First Home--And Say Good-bye to Your Landlord"!, a free program open to the public, at the George Mackie Library on October 24, 2007. Your presentation was very well put together and informative, and I know the participants really enjoyed it and found it very useful.

We appreciate your willingness to share your time and knowledge with the library and Delta residents.

-Frances Thomson, Community Librarian

January 21, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to Geraldine Santiago and her relationship with the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre.  Geraldine has been facilitating workshops and seminars on Real Estate and Buying Your First Home for our community centre over the past six years.  I have no doubt that the programs she runs have benefited both her participants as well as our community centre.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kathryn Sweetapple, Recreation Programer II

May 4, 2007

Dear Geraldine,

I'd like to thank you very much for arranging and presenting the program on First Time Home Buying at the New Westminster Public Library on Tuesday, April 10, 2007.

What a great program you have developed!  There is so much to know about buying a home; it can be quite daunting for a first time homebuyer.  it was an excellent idea to invite people with different expertise to speak to their field (mortgage, realty, inspection, and legal).  Everyone had excellent information to give in their area and the audience of 63 seemed to really appreciate the presentation.  it was also so very generous of you to provide a copy of your book to everyone that wanted it.

Thanks again for taking the time to come to the library.  I hope we can have your team come again.

Yours truly,

Debra Nelson, Community Services Librarian, New Westminster Public Library

For over 16 years, Santiago and her team of experts have helped thousands of home buyers.  See a partial list of seminars we've hosted....we've come a long, long way!

October 23, 2018                        RE/MAX Crest Realty (North Vancouver)

March 24, 2018                           RE/MAX Crest Realty (Vancouver)

March 10, 2018                           RE/MAX Crest Realty (North Vancouver)

November 7, 2017                       RE/MAX Crest Realty (Vancouver)

March 8, 2016                              RE/MAX Crest Realty (Vancouver)

March 18, 2015                            Creekside Community Centre (Vancouver)

November 12, 2014                     Creekside Community Centre (Vancouver)

November 13, 2013                     Creekside Community Centre (Vancouver)

October 7. 2013                           False Creek Community Centre (Vancouver)

October 8, 2013                           Cambie Public Library (Richmond)

October 21,  2013                    Ironwood Public Library (Richmond)

May 14, 2013                                False Creek Community Centre

November 25, 2012                      Burnaby Public Library

November 7, 2012                        Richmond Public Library (Minoru)

January 11, 2011                          False Creek Community Centre

January 26, 2011                          Dunbar Community Centre

October 5, 2010                            False Creek Community Centre

April 20, 2010                                Richmond Cambie Public Library

October 22, 2010                          Renfrew Community Centre

September 10, 2009                    Renfrew Community Centre

September 3, 2009                      Killarney Community Centre

May 28, 2009                               Richmond Public Library

May 14, 2009                               Riley Park Community Centre

April 23, 2009                              Richmond Public Library

March 12, 2009                           Renfrew Community Centre

February 5, 2009                        Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

October 7, 2008                          Riley Park Community Centre

June 5, 2008                               Roundhouse Community Centre

May 20, 2008                              Riley Park Community Centre

March 10, 2008                          UBC Community Centre

Marcy 4, 2008                            Riley Park Community Centre

February 28, 2008                    Roundhouse Community Centre

February 20, 2008                    Richmond Pubilc Library Cambie Branch

February 6, 2008                      Renfrew Community Centre

January 30, 2008                      Renfrew Community Centre

December 4, 2008                    Richmond Public Library Ironwood Branch

November 29, 2007                 Coquitlam Public Library 

November 27, 2007                 Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

November 21, 2007                 Roundhouse CommunityCentre

October 24, 2007                   South Delta Pubic Library

October 10, 2007                   North Delta Regional Library

October 3, 2007                     Port Moody Public Library

September 19, 2007              Riley Park Community Centre

June 20, 2007                        Richmond Public Library Cambie Branch

June 13, 2007                        Riley Park Community Centre

May 29, 2007                         Richmond Public Library Ironwood Branch

May 9, 2007                           Roundhouse Community Centre

April 24, 2007                        Trout Lake Community Centre

April 19, 2007                        Renfrew Community Centre

April 10, 2007                        New Westminster Public Library

March 7, 2007                        False Creek Community Centre

February 28, 2007                 East Hastings Community Centre

February 27, 2007                 Richmond Public Library Ironwood Branch

February 22, 2007                 Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

January 24, 2007                   Renfrew Community Centre

November 24, 2006               Roundhouse Community Centre

October 19, 2006                    Richmond Public Library Cambie Branch

October 12, 2006                    Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

October 5, 2006                      East Hastings Community Centre

September 27, 2006               Renfrew Community Centre

June 1, 2006                            EV Logistics: Exclusive Seminar

April 26, 2006                          Richmond Public Library Brighouse Branch

April 18, 2006                          Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

April 8, 2006                            Chapters Bookstore Bridgeport Richmond

April 6, 2006                            Richmond Cambie Public Library 

March 29, 2006                       Renfrew Community Centre

March 22, 2006                       Richmond Public Library Ironwood Branch

March 18, 2006                       Italian Cultural Centre with Ozzie Jurock

February 23, 2006                   Roundhouse Community Centre

January 26, 2006                     Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

January 19, 2006                     East Hastings Community Centre

November 3, 2005                   Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

October 27, 2005                     East Hastings Community Centre

October 25, 2005                     Trout Lake Community Centre                 

October 20, 2005                     Richmond Public Library Cambie Branch

October 13, 2005                     Richmond Public Library Ironwood Branch

October 5, 2005                       Roundhouse Community Centre 

September 28, 2005                Renfrew Community Centre

April 28, 2005                          East Hastings Community Centre

April 27, 2005                          Trout Lake Community Centre

April 13, 2005                          Renfrew Community Centre

March 10, 2005                        Roundhouse Community Centre

February 16, 2005                   East Hastings Community Centre

February 2, 2005                     Roundhouse Community Centre

January 26, 2005                     Renfrew Community Centre

January 19, 2005                     Trout Lake Community Centre

November 3, 2004                    Roundhouse Community Centre

October 13, 2004                      Renfrew Community Centre

September 30, 2004                 Roundhouse Community Centre 

August 11, 2004                       East Hastings Community Centre

June 16, 2004                          Roundhouse Community Centre

May 12, 2004                           East Hastings Community Centre 

April 29, 2004                           Roundhouse Community Centre

April 14, 2004                           Renfrew Community Centre

April 13, 2004                           Trout Lake Community Centre

March 18, 2004                         Richmond Public Library Minoru Branch

March 10, 2004                         Roundhouse Community Centre

February 3, 2004                      Renfrew Community Centre

January 15, 2004                      East Hastings Community Centre

November 16, 2003                  Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre

October 12, 2003                      East Hastings Community Centre

October 5, 2003                        Dunbar Community Centre

May 14, 2003                            Roundhouse Community Centre

May 4, 2003                              Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

March 5, 2003                           East Hastings Community Centre

February 7, 2003                      Trout Lake Community Centre

January 30, 2003                      Douglas Park Community Centre

October 10, 2002                      Killarney Park Community Centre

October 17, 2002                      False Creek Community Centre

November 21, 2002                  Roundhouse Community Centre

 Top Row: (Left to Right)  Glenn Duxbury and Ron Usher

Bottom Row:(Left to Right)  Alma Pasic and Geraldine Santiago

Photography: Steve Owst Photography

From Left to Right: Alma Pasic, mortgage broker,  Glenn Duxbury, Certified Home inspector, Geraldine Santiago Author and RE/MAX Realtor, Davis Kosowan, North Shore RE/MAX specialist, Patricia Wright,  Notary Public. 



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Left to Right: Glenn Duxbury Home Inspector, Geraldine Santiago RE/MAX Agent and Published Real Estate Author, and Alma Pasic, Mortgage Broker



Alma Pasic, Mortgage Broker with Verico Wizard


Geraldine Santiago, Published Real Estate Author and RE/MAX Agent 



Glenn Duxbury, Certified Home Inspector 

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